Sina Theil is a German born, Irish based multi-instrumentalist, award winning artist, singer-songwriter, Social Media Influencer, Psychologist, Health & Wellness Contributor to Irish Runner Magazine, Yoga and Running enthusiast, Motivational speaker, TV and radio presenter and winner of several Irish music awards and “Rising Star of the Year 2022” awarded by the late Maryann McTeague Keifer at the American Celtic Listener Supported Music Awards. She started playing piano and composing her first songs at age 7.

PAST – “I felt purposeless and I knew there were only two options…” 

In 2015 German born singer-songwriter Sina Theil boarded a one-way plane to Dublin City, Ireland, with just her guitar, one backpack and a pocket full of dreams. Although she had been writing songs since age 7, at the age of 25 she had found herself stuck in the hamster wheel of a boring 9-5 office job in finance. “I used to dread going into work every day”, Sina remembers, “I felt so purposeless”. After a few years during which she grew steadily unhappier, she realized that if she couldn’t muster the courage to leave, her dreams would never come true. “I just knew that if I didn’t take the leap of faith and leave everything behind, I’d always live with regret”, Sina recounts. So she sold all her belongings, said farewell to everything she knew and launched herself into the adventure of a lifetime. “I knew zero people in Ireland. I had no money or social media. Never performed a professional concert. Really, I had all odds against me. But my dream was to carve out a music career for myself in Ireland. That desire and passion kept me going, even during the toughest times.”  

Sina busked on the streets of Dublin City in order to finance her music studies at the prestigious music college BIMM Dublin and slowly worked her way up the industry ladder. “I knew that there were only two options: sink or swim. And I simply refused to sink”, Sina recalls. 

PRESENT – “It always seems impossible until it’s done” 

Fast forward to the present day, Sina has received several Irish and International music awards, scored twenty-six number 1 singles across the Irish iTunes charts, has stacked up over 16,000 radio plays in Ireland and beyond, accumulated over 60,000 followers across her social media platforms, surpassed 1 million views on Youtube with her duet of “The Fields of Athenry” featuring Caitríona O’Sullivan and is currently celebrating her US tour debut supported by Culture Ireland. Furthermore, she has appeared on the front cover of the prestigious Irish Music Magazine and on Ireland’s leading celebrity magazine RSVP. She also featured in the Music Business Ireland publication and on one of Ireland’s leading music TV shows – “Opry Le Daniel” (Season 12). Sina sucessfully crowdfunded over €16,000 in three weeks to release her independent album and DVD “Live at THT Galway”, which has been broadcast on Irish national TV (TG4) several times to great acclaim. Sina has extensive TV and radio presenting experience and is an effective brand ambassador for any association or event that she is part of. She has toured Ireland and beyond extensively, both solo and as special guest on tour with Irish Folk sensation Dan McCabe, The Whistlin’ Donkeys, Mundy, etc. 

Charity work is also very dear to Sina’s heart and since 2021 she has raised over €7,300 for Irish and Celtic charities, including Safe Home Ireland and the Celtic FC Foundation

FUTURE – “Songs to sing and dreams to live” 

Almost 10 years have passed since that fateful day Sina emigrated to Ireland with nothing but a pocket full of dreams. Her 2024 debut US Tour supported by Culture Ireland marks the start of a new era. “It’s always been my dream to travel the world and spread joy with my music and energy on stage. I owe this all to everyone who supports me. It was incredibly scary to leave my steady office job and launch myself into the unknown but SO worth it. Now I love my life and wake up every morning excited for all that’s yet to come”, Sina concludes. 

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“I have known Sina Theil for a number of years. She is a tireless worker at her craft as a singer, songwriter and artist and I predict a great future for her.”Charlie McGettigan.

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